Frequently asked questions

Why bamboo straws?

Bamboo is the perfect mix of functionality and after life purpose. You see it's not just a straw, it is a fully biodegradable eco friendly reusable bamboo straw. Even after you throw it away it fully biodegrades and gives nutrients back into our planet, making our ecosystem as a whole a little bit healthier.

How many straws are in one package?

For non-bulk orders there are 6 bamboo straws and a free pipe cleaner.

How should I clean the straws?

You can ether use soapy water and run it through the straw with the free pipe cleaner and let it dry, or bring a pot of water to a boil and let them sit in it for 2-3 minutes (discoloration is normal) then rinse with normal water and use the free pipe cleaner and let it dry.

How many uses can one straw last?

Every 2-3 weeks of use it's good to get another bundle of straws.